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Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteers of any non-profit organization are its life blood. Alhamdulillah, most of our work is done by volunteers like yourself.

Let’s work together in establishing a vibrant, dynamic and effective dawah resource for non-Muslims. Below are volunteer opportunities at GainPeace. For further details, contact: info@GainPeace.com

Phone Line – Call takers on Dawah line
• Take calls on GainPeace’s 800-662-ISLAM line.
• Ability to explain Islam and to answer questions
• Take 4-15 calls/day
• Volunteer 2-25 hours/week

Dawah Booths
• Contact possible venues for dawah booths
• Flea markets, malls, community events
• Volunteer at the booth
• Answer questions about Islam
• Distribute brochures and material to non-Muslims
• 2-4 hours/week

New Muslim follow-up
• Teach classes
• Mentorship of new Muslims
• 2 hours/week

• Presentations on various topics on Islam
    • Schools, colleges, Masajid
• Train and/or get trained
• 2-4 hours/month

• Promote various dawah projects to
    • Media, Muslim community, masajids.
    • Online,

• Shahada packages to new Muslims
• Islam info packages to non-Muslims
• Keep inventory of dawah items
• 2-4 hours/week

• Brochures
• One minute cards
• Website articles
• Forum on GainPeace.com
• Newsletter
• 2-4 hours/week

Graphic design
• Create artwork for
• Brochures, One minute cards, booklets, marketing items
• 2-4 hours/week

Video – Audio - Photos
• Recording of various projects
• Video, audio editing
• Create short audio/video clips
• 2-6 hours/week

• Create venues for fundraising
• Able to contact masajid and donors
• Available on Fridays or Weekend
• 1-2 hours/week

Dawah flyers distribution to non-Muslims
• Taste of Chicago
• Bus or train stations
• Busy streets

Masjid Liason
• Help strengthen the bonds between GainPeace and masajid
• Online eNewsletter
• Coordinate with masajids in arranging dawah events

By working together and joining our resources, our dawah projects can be more effective and far reaching insha Allah.