What is Mailbox Dawah?

Alhamdulillah, GainPeace has embarked on a new and creative initiative to educate our fellow Americans about Islam. Mailing postcards, through US post office, to people’s homes.

Why Mailing POSTCARDS?

During GainPeace campaigns using billboards, TV, Radio and Newspaper ads, dawah booths, one to one dawah, we reach out to thousands of non-Muslims with the message of Islam. However, we are still leaving out a majority of our fellow Americans who are not exposed to the above-mentioned campaigns. Thus, with the Mailbox Dawah, we are reaching out to them, to their homes, even if they don’t reach out to us to learn about Islam.

This is Keith Ellison and I just want to say how thankful I am for this excellent and informative card. This card has a lot of important information on it and if anyone takes time to read it they will learn a lot. And these are the kinds of efforts we want everyone to engage in. Do something like this card or make something to build education and understanding and reaching out to people. This is a wonderful effort and I would thank you for it.

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