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A review of 2018

GainPeace Project Highlights

Alhamdulillah, through the help of Allah SWT, GainPeace was able to launch numerous dawah initiatives and reached out to thousands of our fellow Americans with the beautiful message of Islam. Here is a review of all of our projects and initiatives from 2018.


 Toll-Free Phone

3800+ Calls Received

  • A toll-free number, 800-662-ISLAM is advertised on all Da’wah ads.

  • Anyone can call and ask questions about Islam & order free Islamic literature.

  • Qualified and trained call associates respond to calls and effectively answer the questions, clear the misconceptions and convey the true message of Islam.

toll free calls.jpg

 Direct Mailing of Postcards

155,000+ Direct mail postcards were distributed

  • Themes: “Muslims in America”, “MYTHS ABOUT ISLAM”, Who was Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), American Muslims, Quiz About Islam.

 Packages for Non-Muslims and New Muslims

7200+ Packages Mailed

  • 600 packages/month are given out to Non-Muslims.

  • Consists of an English translation of the Quran, a book on the Seerah ”The Global Messenger,” book – Top 50 Questions about Islam and available booklets about Islam, brochures about Islam, Hijabs for sisters, kufi for brothers and prayer mats.



3 Billboards in Chicago

  • Hijab – Empowering Women

  • Keep Families Together

  • Blessed Mary

 Dawah Booths

25 Dawah Booths and 15 Street Dawah

  • Festivals and community events

  • Free Quran, Islamic brochures, CDs, books

  • Over 1500 copies of Quran translations distributed

  • 45,000 brochures on Islam were distributed

  • 20,000 1 min cards distributed by booths

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 Dawah Literature

45,000+ Brochures Distributed

One Minute Cards

32,000+ Cards Distributed


 Masjid Open House

45 Open Houses in 2018

  • Colleges, School and people of other faith traditions were hosted.

  • Three open houses specific to women.

  • GainPeace assisted Masajid to conduct effective open houses.

  • 7500 visitors attended open houses.


 New Muslim Support Services

350 individuals embraced Islam

  • ‘Welcome to Islam’ packages mailed out to new Muslims.

  • Mentorship assistance was provided to many new Muslims.

  • 100-day benchmark and two-year programs were created to structure better assistance to new Muslims.

  • Three ‘in-house’ and one online class.

  • One Revert Conference conducted


 Dawah in Prison

1200 Letters from Inmates Processed

  • GainPeace’s ad appears on several prison newsletters, including:

    • American Jail Magazine – for Prison Officers – Goes to 3100 Jail and a readership of 100,000.

    • Prison Legal News – reaches 90,000 inmates.

    • Prison World News – reaches 10,000 inmates.

  • GainPeace is educating inmates in about 40 different states.

  • 950 info and Shahada packages were mailed out to inmates in 2017.


 Dawah Training Workshops

18 Workshops in 12 Cities

 Converts Survey

100+ Responses Received

  • GainPeace wants to learn about the challenges faced by converts (Reverts)

  • New Muslims are to take this short anonymous survey which will provide us feedback on their experience as a convert

  • Survey results will be analyzed and shared with Masajid and Islamic centers.

  • Masajid will then be trained and certified resulting in improving converts support programs in America, inShaAllah.

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 GainPeace in the Media

GainPeace was covered 20 Times by Major Media outlets

GainPeace has been covered by major news outlets including FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, WGN and NPR

May Allah (swt) ease our task, purify our intentions and accept all our endeavors…aameen.

If you would like to bring one of these projects to your community, contact us!